Fund Attributes

Crypto currencies and assets only - no tech investments, venture capital, credit or derivatives

Long Only

No Leverage

Trades monthly, providing liquidity

Security via institutional-grade platform

Independent service providers

Competitive fees below sector average *

Australia’s premier crypto asset investment team, with global reach

* Average 2.3% management fees plus 21.1% performance fees, source PWC 2020 Crypto Fund Report

Manager Strategy

Quantitative approach identifies the top 20 crypto currencies and assets by market cap and selects top 7 of these based on momentum z-scores

Qualitative approach is then taken by the Investment Committee to apply an additional risk framework

50%-70% invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum **

Balance of 30%-50% provides alpha from the top 7 crypto currencies  and assets as defined by Investment Manager

Strategy aims to deliver alpha through enhanced performance of diversification across investments

** The Manager may vary the minimum Bitcoin and Ethereum allocation from time to time, depending on market conditions